HSE Policy


The employees being the most important assets of Fournier Industries Inc., we have at heart their health and safety. The health-safety-environment policy has now become an integral part of our organizational values.

The Health-Safety-Environment policy of Fournier Industries Inc., aims at ensuring that our employees have, at all times, a healthy and safe work environment which furthermore responds to all of the applicable environmental requirements. Evidently, this also applies to all our visitors, suppliers, clients and partners. Consequently, all activities that we will undertake will be done in a way to protect them.

As a responsible enterprise, our commitment is to:

  • Determine and annually review the work health and safety strategic plan and objectives in order to attain the performance targets aimed for.
  • Apply and maintain up-to-date our prevention program aiming to eliminate dangers at source for all employees and if needed, apply corrective measures.
  • Communicate and promote this policy to all our employees so that it will increase awareness to their obligations in terms of our health and safety environment, but more importantly to ensure their daily commitment in the matter.
  • Offer training to our employees in order to ensure that each one has the knowledge and necessary competencies to execute their work in a secure manner.
  • Provide information, tools, protection equipment and necessary guidance to realize their work in a secure manner.
  • Enhance employee involvement, commitment, respect and accountability regarding a health and safety environment.
  • Aim for excellence, see to exceed the laws and regulations in effect as well as the rules, procedures and work methods regarding health and safety environment, while favouring the application of new practices and therefore putting us at the forefront.
  • Ensure that all visitors, suppliers, clients and partners become aware of the present policy and commit to respect it for the entire duration of their stay in our facilities or our sites.

The strong commitment of management and all of the employees of all levels is essential in creating and maintaining a healthy and safety workplace. Our common value in terms of Health-Safety-Environment is visible on a daily basis through our gestures and behaviours, thereby favouring the achievement of our ultimate objective, attaining zero accidents and occupational illness.

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